A hapless child is beset upon by the grim specters of friendship and fulfillment,
as entirely told and mostly illustrated by none other than herself,
through the prose and pictures of this canonical complement to the original graphic novel
"Li’l Lynn: The Joy of Childhood and Other Myths"

— Includes "Scenario: Coffee Shop" and an Exclusive Bonus Comic —

Intended to be in complete accord with the original graphic novel, while also deliberately differing from it in notable regards, this illustrated novella features many hitherto unknown happenings in this formative phase of young Lynn's life, shares the heart and mind of our eponymous protagonist with us as only her own words can, and is adorned with styles and media of artwork that, all in all, set it apart as a fully-fledged work in its own right.

"My Family"
Lynn Herr
Pencil on paper
Aunt Celly’s door

Lynn’s comment:
All three of us.
My family is pretty good.


Readers will re-visit (or meet for the first time!?) not only Lynn "Li'l Lynn" Herr herself, but also Aunt "Frustrated in a Special Way" Celly, Ashley "That Friend of Yours" Weir, her long-suffering mother Sandra, and Colossus the family dog of many years and excellent reputation. Herein will be answered various questions which no one had asked, as well as questioned many decisions and life choices.

"What's the book like, though?"

Since you asked so nicely, here are some excerpts:

This is the longest bus ride of my life. Why does Ashley keep telling me her birthday is next week? She doesn't like how it'll be on a school day. Well, what am I supposed to do about it!? I just know she's going to keep talking about this, at Lunch Time. I can't get her to leave me alone.

"How Ashley Tells Me Everything"
Lynn Herr
Pencil on paper
Inside a folder

Lynn’s comment:
Ashley is loud and I don’t like her.



Aunt Celly and Mrs Weir are talking quietly to each other. Ashley was sneaking around and she says she heard what they said, but she won't tell me what it was. The festival is pretty loud, after all, so maybe she didn't actually hear their whispering. Or maybe she did. All I know is, Aunt Celly is getting mighty fed up with Ashley trying to spy on them.

"Your Aunt is Mean"
Ashley Weir
Pen on paper
Undisclosed location
    in Ashley’s room

Lynn’s comment:
Ashley says Aunt Celly
is always angry
at her but never at
me or Colossus.



Aunt Celly is good at making things. She says it's cheaper to buy ingredients and then turn them into real things, because if you buy stuff already finished by other people, it costs more money, so those people can get paid. And if you buy things most people don't want right now, it's also cheaper. So it's too hot to wear the vest Aunt Celly improved for me. She bought it really cheap, and then sewed things onto it, to make me like it more. It'll be really nice, later.

"Accordion Vest"
Celesta Herr
Patch and buttons
    on clearance vest
Lynn’s dresser

Lynn’s comment:
Everyone at school
is really impressed.



Lab Master is really good. I respect him. He does research and other things for his university. I think he invents new chemicals. Medicine, maybe? He also teaches science classes. His name is a joke about the kind of dog he is. He's a "black lab." I don't know what kind of cat Kittyson is, though. Aunt Celly says it doesn't matter, with cats.

Right and below:
"Lab Master & Kittyson:
Special Issue"

Lynn Herr
Pencil on paper
The Collection

Lynn’s comment:
This isn’t a real issue.
Aunt Celly says it does look
just about as good as one,




Li'l Lynn: The Joy of Childhood and Other Myths

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