The in-progress follow-up graphic novel to
Li'l Lynn: The Joy of Childhood and Other Myths
and Li'l Lynn Tells It Herself: A Novella-zation

How did Lynn's Aunt Celly gain such professional success and financial stability... and what can be done to stop this madness?

How did Lynn's friend Ashley Weir withstand such a devastating downgrade in her lifestyle... and why won't she just buy a new one?

How did our young old eponymous protagonist Li'l Lynn become less little than years before... and is this natural?

How doggedly ignorant will you be able to remain about Kittyson's involvement in Lab Master's love life?

These valid concerns and more will be callously ignored in this indeed very ignoble graphic novel that has been known to sometimes be IN PRODUCTION!

Amazing that there is nothing PRESENTABLE
after all these years!

So instead, please peruse the following
UNPRESENTABLE preview below:


Li'l Lynn: The Joy of Childhood and Other Myths

Li'l Lynn Tells It HerselfBig Little Lynn