The Rite of Exile:

the arduous Ordeal

afar from Home,

from the Known,

and from Help,

that forges Girl into Woman

and makes strong her Mind and Body

to clothe from the Cold

and to relieve from Need

the Now who bear her

and the Next whom she is to bear.

Who of us is to stand in Doubt of its Worth?

...until comes of Age one infamous Initiate

who bends it to an other Purpose.

Lives are to end,

Hearts are to break,

and Wrongs are to be righted in the Wake

of a momentous Firebrand,

a monstrous Fugitive,

and a miraculous Feat...

the Burdened  ·  the Corrupted  ·  the Accused

A Graphic Novel Trilogy with Addenda
by Charles Shearer

Vol. One · Two · Three · Addenda on Amazon

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