A Children's Novella by Charles Shearer

Detailing the circumstances of how four fellows who,
by various means underhanded, fortuitous, and magical,
came to find themselves in the land of Oz

Whom We Shall Meet Herein

Familiar personages in the land of Oz:

Ozma, Princess of Oz — the girlish ruler
The Wizard of Oz — a humbug no longer
The famously wise Scarecrow
Uncle Henry from Kansas

Written as a gift for a fan of the original Oz of author L. Frank Baum, "The Answer Lies in Oz" was meant, first and foremost, to emulate and respect the style and tone of the source material. For this purpose, the faithless adaptations in popular media and the many decades of post-Baum 'canonical' Oz books by other authors were all ignored and disregarded, to the greatest and most deliberate extent possible. Such is the challenge of working with a world which has long been, ironically, obscured by its own popularity.

The decision to actually illustrate and publish "The Answer Lies in Oz," a considerable number of years after the writing process, entailed making some adjustments for general audiences. The book strives, therefore, to serve not only fans of the century-old source material, but also new generations of readers who might subsequently become inspired to seek for themselves the original vision of Oz.

Left: Original thumbnail sketch for front cover.
Right: Final artwork in ink.


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