A hapless child is beset upon by the grim specters of friendship and fulfillment,
as entirely told and mostly illustrated by none other than herself,
through the prose and pictures of this canonical complement to the original graphic novel
"Li’l Lynn: The Joy of Childhood and Other Myths"

— Includes "Scenario: Coffee Shop" and an Exclusive Bonus Comic —

Intended to be in complete accord with the original graphic novel, while also deliberately differing from it in notable regards, this illustrated novella features many hitherto unknown happenings in this formative phase of young Lynn's life, shares the heart and mind of our eponymous protagonist with us as only her own words can, and is adorned with styles and media of artwork that, all in all, set it apart as a fully-fledged work in its own right.

Now, You Might Be Wondering...

"Why Have You Done This?"

Short answer: it seemed like a
good idea, at the time.


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