Initially inflicted upon the world as a series of zines, the older entries
in the "Brevitous Accounts of Fictitional Incidents" series now join forces with
a number of new and heretofore unseen ones, constituting this compilation of
the curious, the confounding, the exceptional, the exasperating!

Herein we shall meet the inscrutable Buskermush family, learn the happenings of
Mauzi, Yunoo, and Eenk outside of their respective stand-alone books, and witness
the feats and fumbles of various other figures whether human, animal, or otherwise.

Previously published as zines:

An Afflicted Victim
A Bereaved Family
An Endangered Domicile
An Estranged Spouse
Cure for the Common Corn
Yunoo Left To Her Own Devices
Yunoo Hearing Things
The Farcical Facade of Oz