Let's meet the proprietors of


Fondly remembered and known even to-day by all living generations in this bygone era, Sootwork is famous for his wandering charity operation on each Wednesday of the week: cleaning the ashen fireplaces and sooty flues in the homes of well-behaved boys and girls... accepting no payment for the labor! as the goodness of children is a greater reward than any amount of coins, no matter how glinting or weighty the metal might be.

He himself curiously having the form of a child, his most recent decade of this so-called 'Ash Wednesday' ritual has been in partnership with...



...the no-nonsense, pragmatic Mauzi the cat: agile assistant and frustrated treasurer of their business. A harsh critic and no great fan of 'human-lings' (as she calls them) in general, she argues that the parents of ill-behaved youngsters should, rather than accepting the service for free, instead pay a fine in consolation for her own annoyance and Sootwork's disappointment.

And the hard-nosed feline does sometimes get her way... though, judging by the sorry state of the Sootwork-Mauzi coffers, such victories are not common occurrences!