The Old is destroyed, wrecked, sundered! and what survives of Aspynn and Lindynn
is made anew... and apart. Herein are recorded the deep-est Sorrow, the bloody-est Violence,
and the warm-est Adoration of a Hero to Some and a Villain to Others.

"Runaway Weer the Corrupted" (Vol. 2) is 82 comics pages thus:

"The Waiting of a Night" — 04 pages
"Runaway Weer Afoul" or: "My Mother's Daughter" — 14 pages
"The Purging of a Heart" — 02 pages

"The Passing of a Moon" — 03 pages
"Runaway Weer Afield" or: "A Stranger in the Family" — 07 pages
"The Striking of a Deal" — 03 pages

"The Botching of a Hunt" — 02 pages
"Runaway Weer Aghast" or: "The Emperor's Secret Weapon" — 28 pages

"Runaway Weer Anew" or: "To Whom to Aspire" — 18 pages
"The Knowing of a Face" — 01 page