Close-est Companions and best Friends since beyond the Reach of Memory,
Aspynn and Lindynn face both an un-precedented Challenge that may temper them for their Lifetimes
and a seething Grudge that threatens to shatter far more than just a Friendship.

"Runaway Weer the Burdened" (Vol. 1) is 82 comics pages thus:

"The Founding of a Town" — 03 pages
"Runaway Weer in Exile" or: "Not Ever to Return" — 13 pages

"The Building of a Bridge" — 01 page
"Runaway Weer in Custody" or: "A Sense of Direction" — 20 pages
"The Playing of a Tune" — 01 page

"The Making of a Friend" — 03 pages
"Runaway Weer in Uniform" or: "Colossal Ambition" — 07 pages
"The Teasing of a Name" — 02 pages

"The Breaking of a Fever" — 03 pages
"Runaway Weer in Panic" or: "Upon a Point of Iron" — 16 pages
"The Sewing of a Seam" — 01 page

"The Reciting of a Rite" — 02 pages
"Runaway Weer in Defiance" or: "Lyrics of Law" — 10 pages