A weary Body, a guilty Conscience, and a troubled Mind form the thin-ly bound Pieces of she
whose sordid Past pursues her across familiar Water, over un-known Land, and from within her Self.
Is it Justice of Madness, that the Way to mend her Life is to end it?

"Runaway Weer the Accused" (Vol. 3) is 82 comics pages thus:

"The Darkening of a Day" — 02 pages
"The Spatially Wondrous Rhetoric of Runaway Weer" — 12 pages
"The Shaking of a Faith" — 02 pages

"The Spectrally Gracious Reception of Runaway Weer" — 12 pages
"The Starting of a Search" — 02 pages

"The Darkly Luminous Relic of Runaway Weer" — 28 pages

"The Fatefully Portentous Resolution of Runaway Weer" — 24 pages