— A canonical Collection of new supplemental Stories —

Whereas supplemental stories within the three numbered volumes of "Runaway Weer" are brief parallels in support of the feature presentations, each Addendum encompassed within "The Runaway Weer Addenda" is, itself, a feature-length tale. This open-ended collection is a way to further explore and augment the canon, allowing each entry to have its own tone, purpose, and setting.

The eventual goal is to publish all of "The Runaway Weer Addenda" either as one paperback volume, or as part of a single-edition compilation of the entire "Runaway Weer" series; whichever ends up happening, it would not occur until after the three regular volumes have been published and enough Addenda have been finished. In the meantime, the Addendum "Runaway Weer and the Spinning of a Speech" is published as a standalone booklet with limited distribution.

While Aspynn excels in Pursuit of
a Role in Leadership in the Army,
Lindynn achieves not but Incitement of Punishment
from the ever frustrated Commandant.

Addendum to the middle of Runaway Weer vol. 1

$5, while in stock
16 comics pages as 20-page 5.5" x 8.5" booklet

Premiered at the Buffalo Zine Fair on 2017 November 4.
At Gutter Pop Comics in Buffalo, NY on 2018 January 13.
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