The Arguably Canonical of

These additional illustrations serve as display pieces, promotions, and experiments.
Some are already in print or otherwise displayed elsewhere in some capacity,
while others remain on the docket for publication in paperbacks or as single 'art prints.'

Test for the Addendum "The Spinning of a Speech"

From 2015 November, this was a test for the humorous tone of the Addendum story "The Spinning of a Speech,"
and appears in print at the end of the "Runaway Weer the Burdened" paperback.

Color-test Portraits in Gouache

From 2018 April, these little portraits of the Commandant and Lindynn Hare
were done as color-tests and practice in gouache painting.
Their creation can be viewed in a time-lapse video on YouTube.

Potential Spoiler: Imperial Tapestry in Pen-and-Ink

Drawn in 2017 July, this will be printed as a page-spread in the back of
the "Runaway Weer the Corrupted" paperback in 2018.

Potential Spoiler: Burnt Camp at Night

Also from 2017 July, this piece and a related one will be printed as page-spreads in the back of
the "Runaway Weer the Accused" paperback in 2019.