Record of Impromptu Drawings and Scrawllings as
Book Signings and Dedications

As these pieces of artwork and handwriting were improvised on the inside covers of books,
rather than being drawn and scanned in a usual 'studio' context,
records thereof are merely photographs which have been edited as much as possible
for legibility of presentation below.

First "Li'l Lynn" (graphic novel) book signing.
For a member of the Buffalo Ukulele Club, hence the instrument's appearance.
Charles himself had taken up ukulele during his years in South Korea,
where the instrument is fairly popular and has no 'novelty' connotations.


First "Runaway Weer the Burdened" book dedication, done at
Western New York Book Arts Center's Last Minute Panic Holiday Marketplace.
Asked to draw a cat, Charles allowed Peppy Young Lab Assistant Kittyson to make an appearance,
on condition that Lab Master would supervise.