Complaint Department

It is entirely possible that a willing viewer has conceived personal offense at the works contained within this site, to the extent of wishing to register a complaint with whom it may concern. For the sake of fairness, Charles Shearer has provided such a method below.

First, as a convenient navigational interface for compiling the evidence for your case, each of the following links will open in a new window or tab, depending on whether or not you are using an inferior browser:

Name that you deserve to be called:

Any and all applicable prefixed titles, either real or imaginary:

Miss      Mrs.      Madam      Mr.      Messrs.      Dr.      Judge      Sir      Master

The Honorable      The Dishonorable      His Majesty      Her Majesty      Their Majesty

Headmaster      Captain      Commodore      Commandant      Duke / Count      Darth

Any and all applicable suffixes, as well:

Senior      II (Junior)      III (Junior, Junior)      IV or higher      Ph.D.      Esquire

the Great      the Bold      the Magnificent      of the Southern Isles

Explain exactly when and by what means (excluding use of any live telephone conversation) you may be contacted or visited:

Specific projects or website sections that are relevant to your complaint:

"Li'l Lynn" (the graphic novel)      "Li'l Lynn Tells It Herself" (the novella-zation)

Lab Master and/or Peppy Young Lab Assistant Kittyson (featured in the two works above)

"Runaway Weer the Burdened"      "Runaway Weer the Corrupted"      "Runaway Weer the Accused"

"Runaway Weer and the Spinning of a Speech"      "Runaway Weer the Whispering of a Wish"

"The Answer Lies in Oz"      "Upon the Name of Oz"      "Sootwork-Mauzi"     

"Brevitous Accounts of Fictitional Incidents"      The Arcane Apocrypha      "Fyre an' Ayes"

Other Comics      Illustrations      The Complaint Department itself

The website's design      The website's coding      Charles personally

Click any and all statements which explain your reason for complaining:

"I am not secure enough in my chosen beliefs to have a sense of humor about them."

"I disguise my guilt by openly persecuting others for that which I myself secretly commit."

"I am afraid of 'alternative' lifestyles nearly as much as I fear my own mundane one."

"The pillars upon which my worldview is built can not withstand a gentle breeze."

"Other people can not help being inherently wrong, because they are not me."

Type your full complaint as an essay in the box below, as exquisitely detailed as possible. Topics should be separated into paragraphs, and at least one semicolon is required. When it seems that you are about to run out of space, a scroll feature will activate and thenceforth be useable.

How do you wish your message to be edited, before being posted?

With my words having been twisted around in a way that makes me seem petty and weak

Having been proofread to correct my many grammatical mistakes and typographical errors

Verbatim according to my poor command of my own native written language

How aggressively do you wish your complaint to be promoted?

Only slightly, but in a prominent location

As many times as it takes to make people indulge my craving for relevance

Made the same color as the background, so that not everyone will be clever enough to find it

(Note for later: insert patronizing text here.)

From whom, if anyone, do you wish to receive a reply?

Charles himself      An applicable fictional character of his (i.e. Charles himself)

Authorized staff member (i.e. Charles himself)      Unauthorized staff member (i.e. Charles himself)

Now hand in your complaint and receive the only appropriate response.